Welcome to oedo808.neocities.org.

This website is under construction, but my plans include photography, saved images I like and would like to share, anime recommendations and a webring.

More about me.


I use a different nickname "out there", but here my name is oedo808. I like pixel art, photography, anime, technology, green tea and ambient. I'm not good at math, programming etc.

I wish I could say something more, but I'm not really a wordy person, I'm much better with images. I forget words, but I remember images. Here I'll also speak mostly by images.


emailAt this moment you can contact me only through 1011110_111_11011[at]protonmail[dot]ch. I check that email roughly once every month.

I'm fluent in English and Polish, but I can also read Japanese kana and a selected amount of kanji. I know basics of Japanese grammar, but my vocabulary isn't anything impressive. If you want to get in contact, please use either English or Polish.

hentai freegore

This website is hentai free, but ecchi images and gore related to anime I like might appear.

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Last update: September 2021